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GEMINI Series Downlight R1142 / R1154 / R1166



Deeply hiden reflector UGR < 16
Increase the length between the COB and the light outlet which can improve the anti-glare performance.
The light is reflected from the reflector and filtered by the anti-glare honeycomb to decrease stray light effectively. 
Pre-embedded design, quick installation and convenient maintenance of fixtures Innovation and High Efficiency Black Light Mirror

Available reflectors:

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Product parameters

Product Item No Max Power Luminous Flux Ceiling Cut Out Beam Angle Dimension(mm) CCT CRI Color COB Drive Material Control Method
R1142 Product R1142 5W 550LM φ50mm 15° / 24° / 38° 94 x 50 x 73 3000K / 4000K / 5000K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds COB Tridonic Aluminum Alloy No
R1154 Product R1154 12W 1100LM φ75mm 15° / 24° / 36° 127 x 73 x 104 3000K / 4000K / 5000K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds COB Tridonic Aluminum Alloy No
R1166 Product R1166 20W 1600LM φ95mm 15° / 24° / 38° 163 x 92 x 118 3000K / 4000K / 5000K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds COB Tridonic Aluminum Alloy No

Product Video



  • Triple anti-glare

    Soft light effect, deep design (45mm) for cob source, large shading Angle 38°, better anti-glare effect.

  • High efficiency heat dissipation

    Cold forging process on high-purity metal, which have good heat dissipation and strengthen the housing surface, makes precise and good quality products.

  • Accurate and efficient light control

    The surface treatment technology with reflectivity up to 90% can not only obtain excellent light output efficiency, but also provide comfortable lighting environment.

  • No visible flicker

    Photovoltaic glass to improve lighting efficiency, bring out soft and comfortable lighting.


Product application in Hotel Lighting


  • First :Cutting a φ50mm hole on the ceiling
  • Second: Use screw to fixate the outer frame in ceiling plate.
  • Third:Connect the Lamp with AC Power and Push the lamp into the ceiling
  • Fourth:Installation complete
  • Disassemble step: First:Catch and hold the lamp and pull it out

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