SOTEN commits to quality assurance by implementing ISO9001:2015 quality management system, company products are world safety standard rated with ETL/CE/TUV/CB certifications.

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SOTEN continues to provide customers with high-quality products, help customers choose appropriate solutions in different environments, do a good job in the project, provide necessary technical support and provide satisfactory after-sales service.

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Who are we

SOTEN was founded in 1998 and as professional ODM lighting luminaire manufacture. We provide creativeproduct design and diversified product range for our valuable customer. We serve branded ...

International certification

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Professional ODM Lighting Luminares Manufacture

which can independently develop the product by optical design, thermal design, mould making,
aluminum die casting, painting, optic testing.


Here you can learn about our latest information, including the release of new products, the latest industry technology
development, and the knowledge of lamps, which will help you know more about us

  • 10 Considerations when buying LED downlights

    10 Considerations when buying LED downlights

    Here are our top ten things to consider before you buy LED downlights. about Location, Domestic / commercial? Cut-out size, Compliance, Savings, Electrician/labour cost, Life, Dimming, Colour temperature, Colour rendering...


  • What is UGR and How can SOTEN  Lighting help?

    What is UGR and How can SOTEN Lighting help?

    With an increasing awareness of the effects poor lighting can have on a working environment, there has been an upsurge in the demand for UGR compliant light fittings. Therefore, it is important for installers and end users alike to understand when a U...


  • What are the advantages of LED downlight?

    What are the advantages of LED downlight?

    LED downlight are products developed on the basis of traditional LED downlight using new LED lighting sources. Compared with traditional LED downlight, LED downlight have the following advantages: energy saving, low carbon, long life, good c...


  • How To Choose The Right LED Downlight?

    How To Choose The Right LED Downlight?

    Below we've compiled an easy guide to help answer your questions. Whether you're thinking about installing LED downlights or already have them, here's how to pick the right one for you....


  • How to Choose Track Lighting?

    How to Choose Track Lighting?

    Track lighting systems are versatile lighting solutions that can be used to power spotlights, floodlights, pendant lights or any other fixtures with the proper adapter and voltage. Characterized by their concealed conductors, the tracks are ...


  • Understanding Track Lighting

    Understanding Track Lighting

    In the vast world of lighting, there are a lot of shiny, sparkling pieces that exist only to light up a room. Some are intended to offer soft light, others bright light, and some are just there to add a little color. It's easy to get lost in...


  • How to Make Track Lighting Look Good

    How to Make Track Lighting Look Good

    Wondering how to make track lighting look good? Track lighting ideas aren’t generally at the top of an interior designer’s list for current room styling. In fact, track lighting more often finds its way onto outdated decor lists. Track l...