MARS Series Downlight D1027 / D1028 / D1029


SOTEN Downlight with high power 9-15W and wide range dimentions for optional.The Led Downlights is with high quality cob and driver to ensure 5 Year warranty. Good quality aluminium housing and special inner construction design to achieve excellent heat dissipation. Ajustable spothead and deep inner ring to ensure good anti-glare lighting effect to creat a comfortable lighting.

With experienced optic R&D team to offer professional optic design for high efficieny and uniform lighting. OEM/ODM services available.

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Product parameters

Item No Max Power Luminous Flux Ceiling Cut Out Beam Angle Dimension(mm) CCT CRI Color COB Drive Material Control Method
D1027 9W 650LM φ120mm 80° φ133 x 86 3000K / 4000K / 5000K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds COB Tridonic Aluminum Alloy No
D1028 12W 950LM φ140mm 80° φ165 x 105 3000K / 4000K / 5000K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds COB Tridonic Aluminum Alloy No
D1029 15W 1200LM φ180mm 80° φ205 x 120 3000K / 4000K / 5000K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds COB Tridonic Aluminum Alloy No


  • Triple anti-glare

    Soft light effect, deep design (38mm) for cob source, large shading Angle 25°, better anti-glare effect.

  • Optical diffusor plate

    Use frosted diffusor design, effectively filtering dazzling light source, anti-glare design, soft and comfortable.

  • Integrated extrusion moulding

    With integrated spinning processto product thin and delicate housing.

  • No visible flicker

    Photovoltaic glass to improve lighting efficiency, bring out soft and comfortable lighting.


Product application in Store Lighting, Mall Lighting


  • First: Cutting a φ120-180mm hole on the ceiling
  • Second: Connect the Lamp with AC Power and Push the lamp into the ceiling
  • Third: Installation complete
  • Disassemble step: First: Catch and hold the lamp and pull it out

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