Lighting luminaires manufactur

SOTEN is a leading ODM lighting luminaires manufacturer and supplier in China. It has more than 40,000 sqm production base, 500 employees, with 100,000 pieces monthly production capacity. SOTEN offers one-stop LED lights OEM service to promote and boom your business.

SOTEN factory is equipped with most advanced manufacturing machines, including Laser engraving machine, Nano carving machine, CNC electric discharge machines, Automatic spinning machine, Automatic die cast machine, Light intensity distribution test machine, Image plotting instrument etc,. SOTEN has large-scale manufacturing capacity, can finish customer mass quantity orders on time.

  • <b>Slow-feeding wire-cut machine</b>

    Slow-feeding wire-cut machine

    Constant temperature and humidity mold processing workshop to ensure the accuracy of mold processing.

  • <b>CNC Machine</b>

    CNC Machine

    Soten is equipped with a numbers of precision mold making to ensure product quality and accuracy.

  • <b>Numerical Control Machine</b>

    Numerical Control Machine

    The company has a number of CNC machine tools to meet the needs of customers for different products and a large number of orders.

  • <b>Die Casting Machine</b>

    Die Casting Machine

    Company are equipped with several automatic die casting machines, for daily output of more than 1000pcs, which can fully meet the demand of large orders.

  • Middle speed wire-cut machine

    Middle speed wire-cut machine

    The company has a number of medium speed wire cutting machines to meet the needs of different mold products and meet the needs of customers.

  • <b>Injection molding machine</b>

    Injection molding machine

    Toshiba automatic injection machine to achieve lens high accuracy and consistency.

  • Punching Machine

    Punching Machine

    The company has a number of punch machines to meet the needs of customers for large parts and ensure that we can make better products.

  • Drilling and tapping machine

    Drilling and tapping machine

    It has a number of drilling and tapping machines and skilled employees to ensure the effective assembly of parts.

  • <b>Optical testing machine</b>

    Optical testing machine

    Each batch of products is strictly tested by integrating sphere to ensure optical accuracy.

  • <b>Automatic painting Line</b>

    Automatic painting Line

    Automatic Painting equipment to improve product quality and production efficiency.

  • Assembly line

    Assembly line

    We have two perfect assembly lines and professional assembly staff, who can carefully complete each assembly process to ensure the qualification of products.

  • Warehouse


    We have a large warehouse. Through efficient management, we can make good use of the warehouse space to meet the needs of customers for large orders.