F20 Series Linear light L1046/ L1047/ L1048


SOTEN LED linear light F20 System is an integrated low voltage lighting system. 

Thanks to advanced lighting technology, F20 series products could achieve its minimum size in construction and provide various installation ways such as recessed, surface mounted and pendant installation. 

In the meantime, F20 System can provide different lighting resources such as base lighting, down lighting, accent lighting and wall washer(vertical) lighting to meet different project requirements. 

SOTEN LED linear light F20 means containment and extension, F20 means everything is possible.

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Product parameters

Product Item No Max Power Luminous Flux Beam Angle Dimension(mm) CCT CRI Color COB Drive Material Control Method
L1046 Product L1046 9W 742LM 24° 220x43x22.5 3000K / 4000K / 5700K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds SMD Alloking Aluminum Alloy No
L1047 Product L1047 16W 1283LM 24° 328x43x22.5 3000K / 4000K / 5700K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds SMD Alloking Aluminum Alloy No
L1048 Product L1048 24W 1650LM 24° 436x43x22.5 3000K / 4000K / 5700K >80, >90 Black / White Lumileds SMD Alloking Aluminum Alloy No

Product Video



    Free movement and combination.


    Surface mounted,Pendant Track,Recessed

  • Magnetic mounting, quick disassem

    After finishing the installation of the track rail, put the magnetic lamp into the rail.It can be easily disassembled by pressing the buttons.

  • Free movement, unlimited

    After the magnetic lamps are installed, the position can be adjusted freely.


Product application in Store Lighting, Mall Lighting


  • Install the track on the ceiling
  • Power connector good wire and install the track
  • Adjustable conductive connector
  • Install the lamp on the track
  • Installation complete
  • Pull out of the head of track downward

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