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SOTEN Lighting

    LED Track Light LEO

    Item No:T1001 / T1025

    Max Power:30W / 50W

    Dimension(mm):110*235*140 / 110*264*164

    Material:Die-casting Aluminum

    Color:White / Black / Grey

    Type of Luminaire:3000 / 4000 / 5000K

    Beam Angle:18 / 24 / 36°

    CRI & CCT:>80, >90



    Products Centre:Indoor Lighting

    Application:Store Lighting,Mall Lighting

    Lamps Types:Track Light

    Beam Angel:11°-20°,21°-30°,21°-40°

    Power:26-30W,41W Above

    Luminous Flux:2001-2500lm,4001lm Above

    Control Method:




       T1025_1 T1001_1 
    Model: T1025 T1001
    Max Power: 30W 50W
    Luminous Flux: 2500LM 4500LM
    COlor: Black / White Material: Aluminum Alloy
    Lumileds COB & Tridonic CCT: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
    Beam Angle: 18° / 24° / 36° CRI: >80, >90




    SOTEN LED track light LEO with CRI90+,90-100lm per LED track light, dimmable is available.Flexible adjust beam angels, High efficiency heat dissipation, Accurate and efficient light control, Triple anti-glare led track spot light . Perfect for art gallery and fashion shop lighting.

    Universal line voltage led track lighting heads, fit in 3 phase 4 wires track systems.Adjustable Angle track lights with 355 degrees horizontal rotation, 90 degrees vertical adjustment, more accurate and professional multi-angle lighting beams.

    SOTEN track lights with High quality aluminum diecast light body, Cold forging process on high purity metal, which have good heat dissipation and strengthen the housing surface, makes precise and good quality products.

    The surface treatment technology with reflectivity up to 95% can not only obtain excellent light output efficiency, but also provide comfortable lighting environment. No UV, no IR, safe as accent track spot lighting for artworks. 5 years lifetime warranty.

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