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What is UGR and How can SOTEN Lighting help?

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What is UGR and How can SOTEN Lighting help?

UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is a method of calculating glare from luminaires, light through windows and bright light sources, and is particularly important in office spaces where workers have to spend many hours a day and would be using display terminals for a large proportion of that time.

Glare is a common problem in workplaces. Inappropriate luminaires cause excessive brightness to be ‘bounced off’ reflective surfaces, such as computer screens, whiteboards, etc. This can cause disruption for the occupants of offices, in terms of headaches & eye trouble, which can then lead to employee absences.

How to Calculating UGR

UGR is calculated by using an equation which takes into account a number of factors that may contribute to glare caused by a luminaire, such as the angle of the luminaire, the likelihood of glare and the luminance value (lumen output). The equation that is used to calculate the UGR is:


L= The luminance value of the luminaire

Lb= The value of the background luminance

ω= The solid angle of the luminaire that is seen by the viewer

p= The Guth Index. Based on the likelihood of glare, also known as Visual Comfort Probability

Σ= Shows that the equation (shown above) includes all the fittings located within the area.

UGR Recommendations

For office lighting, we recommend a UGR level of 16 to 19, ensuring comfortable workplace illumination. For more information, please consider SOTEN track light and down light which used for store, residential  lighting and office lighting.

How can SOTEN Lighting help?

SOTEN Lighting is vertically integrated the most of supply chain in LED Lighting production and focus on residential lighting and commercial lighting. We make the optical design, thermal design and company production line includes a series of Mould Making, Aluminum Die Casting, Automatic Painting, Optic Testing. And can provide free expert lighting designs to make sure that the correct type and number of luminaires are being used within a certain area.

SOTEN Lighting offer a range of LED Down Light and LED Track Light that have been independently verified as Low Glare (UGR<19) , which is ideal for residential lighting and office lighting, store lighting..

You can also learn about our led track light and led downlight



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